Sandy (ex_grain_de) wrote in joaquin_daily,

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I just love the colours in this photoshoot! they are so good! and he looks so damn fine!
Yes, there is a smooth atmosphere that suits him well:)
I've never seen these before!! swoooooon
Wow he is so beautiful (as always), I love those pictures. : ) ♥
Oh yes, as always^_^

Deleted comment

Really? I didn't know they were so rare, but it's true, I'm more acquainted with the black and white part of this photoshoot:)
wow, never seen these. the colors (and joaquin) are gorgeous!! definatly have to save these!!
Glad you like them:)
that second last one is gorgeous.
very classic.
the interesting choice of colour gives it a little somethin'.
thanks for posting!
You're welcome, I'm happy you like them:)
That half smile? The one at the end?

That's his smile for me.
Yes, you're right, that's so adorable. Do you think it is because of his scar?
is this new? he's so clean lol :). and perfect as usual.
They date from 1997 by George Holz:)
I've never seen these, and they are gorgeous, so you just made my day. Thank you so much for posting! Do you know when these were taken?
They come from a wonderful German fansite: lookingforjp.
I love them.
Oh yes, I do love them too:)