jamie leah (tartan_sheets) wrote in joaquin_daily,
jamie leah

great b&w joaquin

I'm not sure where these pictures are from, my friend just emailed them to me but all I can say is whoa whoa whoa. They seem new. Enjoy!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i think that's Liv Tyler's husband with him. I like how he's flipping the bird under the table!
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I just saw those on ohnotheydidnt yesterday. There was an interview he did with Arckid that went with them. He is a beautiful, beautiful man.
yup, that's Royston Langdon. formerly of Spacehog, currently of Arckid.
Ah yes, those are new. And hot sex. Oh hell yes that boy can make a beard look possitively fucktastic.
That'd be fun. Hanging out with the ex-girlfriends husband.
But omfg, gorgeous Joaq.
Is that his dog in the first pic?
mmm, delicious.
the first one is amazing *__________*
he is so sexy with that beard! *-----*
Hahaha the finger, *pwnd*

I love those.
wow! i love the beard soooo much. thank you for these.
now Im just wondering if the facial hair is for a movie, or he's just sporting a new look.
Wow. Just... wow. SO GORGEOUS. Yum.
Dear God where is your icon from?
I have NO idea who made the icon. >.< I'm usually so good about saving the icon with the name of the person who made it, but, apparently I didn't do it with that icon. >.< And I don't have the original pic either. :(

I'd love to find the original pic the icon was made from someday...