Sandy (ex_grain_de) wrote in joaquin_daily,

Look what I just found on "looking for Joaquin Phoenix".... I never saw this naked picture of him, but it really looks like him!
Beware girls, great danger of fainting behind the cut...  I'm still just speachless...................
Have you ever seen this heavenly picture?

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Oh goodness. I'm saving this, and hoping my boyfriend doesn't see it.
lol :)

Deleted comment

Oh that was a good one!
i'm torturing my neck trying to decipher that face....oh my goodness it's really him. or that's what seems to me....

now i can faint.....
lol, glad you like it:)
I tried fussing around with it in Photoshop and I still can't tell if it's him or not. Perhaps an old picture has resurfaced now that we already know what his booty looks like.

So yeah, whoever that may be, your booty is fine.
I think I recognize his hair too:) But you're right, whoever he is, he is gorgeous:)
Mmm... *sigh* Yes, his butt is so round and squeezable! I imagine a little peach-fuzz on it, too!
lol, you're right:)
It looks like him during the "To Die For" era
that sooo cant be him.... can it?
OMG!!! it is him.... i can tell by the dint in his shoulder...