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sugar, spice and everything nice

like a daily dose of joaquin

Joaquin Daily
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to joaquin_daily. I'm sure most of you out there are familiar with what _daily communities are, but I'll explain anyway.

There are a great many _daily communities on LiveJournal, all of which are dedicated to posting at least one picture of their subject (in this case, Joaquin Phoenix) on a daily basis. Of course, more than one picture a day is welcome (and highly encouraged).

Basic Rules For Posters
Joaquin Daily has a core set of rules for members that wish to post to the community. They are, in a nutshell:

01. All Posts Must Contain At Least One Picture.
02. Direct Linking (Hotlinking) Is Banned.
03. No Stalkerazzi/Paparazzi Photos.
04. The Cut-Tag Is Your Friend.
05. No Articles/gossip/icons/polls/etc.
06. Related Communities/Sites May Be Promoted No More Than Once A Month

If you wish to post, it's important that you read the expanded rules. These explain and expand upon the basic rules, providing examples of what's acceptable to post and what is not, when an LJ-cut is required, why paparazzi photos are banned and much more. The expanded rules are vital for all posters. Please read them.

Basic Rules For All Members
01. The Grandma/Boss/School Rule: Our community has members of all ages and represnting many countries and cultures. Please be respectful when commenting and consider that your comment's audience may include minors. As such, please observe 'the grandma/boss/school rule': If you wouldn't say it in front of grandma, your boss or at school, then please don't say it here.

02. Play Nice and Be Friendly: This rule is self-explanatory. Do not be rude to your fellow community members, and please be mindful of spoilers when posting and commenting.

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Links: Fansites
Dear Joaquin
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Phoenix Forever
Walk With Joaquin

Links: Fan Communities
LJ: fromtheflames
LJ: joaquinphoenix
LJ: wahkeen
Myspace: Joaq

Links: Joaquin Movie/Character Communities
Gladiator (Commodus): frightful_dream
Gladiator (General): thespaniard
Village, The (General): the__village
Walk The Line (Johnny Cash): joaquintheline

Links: Joaquin Graphics Communities

(More to come soon)
Want to be an affiliate? Just comment on this post, and allyoops will consider your request.